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By: Daniel J. Simms, Imprisoned Independent Journalist/Host

             "I will rip your dick off and put it in your mouth!" Taunted the gang of law enforcement correction officers (LECO) of Delaware's Sussex Correctional Center (SCC) as they locked the prisoner in his cell. Sgt. Steven Long, Cpl. Steele, and Sgt. Joseph McCarthy, yelled cruelly to one prisoner plaintiff, Kevin Ignudo, after viciously assaulting him. Kevin is merely one of thirty nine prisoners accusing SCC LECO of a "systemic pattern" of beatings, abuse, and severe retaliation. The prisoners are represented by attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They accuse forty LECOs of "[e]ngaging in extreme, unprovoked, and unnecessary acts of violence against the plaintiffs." The Complaint also alleges, "[d]elay or denial of medical attention to treat the injuries resulting from their assaults."

            On August 17, 2023, the Wilmington lawyer for the prisoners, Daniel A. Griffith, of Whiteford Taylor Preston LLC, along with the ACLU, virtually defeated the Defendant LECO's motion to dismiss their lawsuit. See: Davis v. Neal, 2023 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 144106 (D. Del.). Presiding over the case by designation was U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Judge, Thomas L. Ambro. Although the prisoners consider the ruling a victory the Judge did agree with defendant LECO by dismissing some claims. Nevertheless the Judge did rebut LECO's attempt to minimize and sever claims by stating they, "more closely resemble a pattern of related abuse than logically dissimilar events." By David M. Reutter.

            “Stopppp! Please!" Perhaps one prisoner cried helplessly as he was painfully maced and violently punched in the face. Kyle Bullock was arrested for protesting at a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally when the LECO gang attacked him. Most likely due to their rigid political opposition to the BLM movement. Political pundits and politicians demonize virtually every civil rights movement that emerges to challenges the status quo to make a more perfect Union for all Americans. Even minorities, the poor, and the mentally ill. faces the same type of prejudice as they strive to better conditions and end prisoner slavery.

            The widespread systemic and institutionalized violence and brutality exposed at SCC is no anomaly. It is a product of one sinister root cause: felon slavery institutionalized into the U.S. Criminal Justice system through the evil Thirteenth Amendment. This constitutional Amendment was introduced and ratified as a concession to the racist Civil War South. Providing the governments with a new slave class: felons. Ultimately today, enabling the government, Federal and State, to become the biggest Slaveholders and wage theft thieves in all of human history. Which is a dismal and repulsive distinction that has largely gone unnoticed by the American people. Mainly due to wilful blindness by mass media, deliberate indifference by the elite class, and countless politicians throughout many years using their bully pulpit to dehumanize and demonize troubled Americans. Using Americans natural aversion to crime, politicians have enslaved and perpetuate massive organized and institutionalized labor wage theft, against our American sons, daughters, and descendants.

            Once you recognize that gangs such as LECO are operating under Slavemaster/Slave hate filled ideologies you will understand why they systemized violence and brutality into their cultures. The same goes for police officers that murder unarmed Americans across the country. Troubled Americans that commit criminal offenses greatly need the government's help, to be saved, possibly from themselves  yet instead of aid they receive exploitation, familial extraction, and brutal treatment. The U.S. criminal justice system suffers from a wicked plague, an illness, which produces bad fruit. Violent and traumatizing prisons, high recidivist crime amongst those releasing, and squandered billions of dollars which subsidizes the evil institutionalized slave trade.

             “I'm not done yet," a prisoner slave, Bradley Zahner, perhaps said as he failed to eat his breakfast tray fast enough, to his LECO Slavemaster's great dislike. The LECO violently knocked the breakfast tray out of Bradley's hand. Then promptly proceeded to pepper spray Bradley. Grabbing and throwing him down painfully. Bradley's head hit the ground hard and the LECO kneeled on his back so painfully that his bowels released. The LECO's unprovoked attack propelled his fellow LECO gang members to jump in also. One of the LECO planted their knee so hard on Bradley's forehead that it broke his scalp open like a split orange. Giving him a permanent scar. The whole time they were brutally assaulting Bradley they were most likely yelling, "quit resisting! Quit resisting!" LECO's go-to verbiage to conceal brutality. Lastly the LECO tortured Bradley with twenty days in debilitating solitary confinement. Not only does LECO gangs have the numbers, culture, and power to inflict this type of systemic violence, they also have public tacit consent through continual funding of their operations.

            That is why calls for defunding police and DOC are so powerful. They have the opportunity to be the "check and balance" on an out of control LECO community and criminal justice system. We the people control the purse strings along with all levers of government. But the U.S. government has grown so powerful over the years that it took a mass "Defund" movement to open America's eyes. A vast segment of the American population is finally ready to be educated on the cruelties and inequities associated with U.S. criminal justice policies. They feel the unfair pressures criminalizing virtually every vice and aspect of their existence. Suffocating them with brutality and overregulation has finally revealed the true root causes of the evilness plaguing our Nation. We must end all vestiges of slavery once and for all! It must be eradicated. Slavery is antithetical to a just and fair republic.  Systemically stealing labor and institutionalizing violence to perpetuate a slavery scheme is overdue for defunding. Organizing to do that is our civic duty. Our civil rights fight of this generation.

             “We the people audaciously believe the government should not be in the business of slavery, exploitation, systemic wage theft, violence, and brutality," asserted Linda Thompson, founder and podcast host of, "we believe the government should be in the business of saving its people, helping them, and restoring them to a place of productivity and industriousness. That is the true American way! And how to make a more perfect Union!"

            When prisoner slave, Richard Edwards, woke up in SCC he was immensely depressed. The sadness of imprisonment overwhelmed him deeply. Richard spiralled into suicidal ideation. In a moment of clarity he reached out for help to Sgt. Hastings. Instead of providing aid and treatment Richard was viciously assaulted and beat to the ground. Then Sgt. Hastings sadistically told him, "[T]his isn't going to go down like you expected." What was Richard's crime? Thinking his Slavemasters would help him.

            The ACLU has boldly pursued the thirty nine LECO thugs in this Complaint, but what about the millions of other like minded LECO gangsters running amok across the Country? Who will pursue them? No one. That is why it is incumbent upon us to defund their rackets. Turning all prisons into treatment and career centers. Ending prisoner slavery. Comprehensive sentencing reform. And bettering conditions by ridding facilities of the "old guard" oppressive way of thinking? These reforms are in accordance with evidence based criminal justice policies abroad such as Norway. And they will finally produce the good fruit our great Nation deserves.

            It is hard to get engaged audiences to subscribe to anything. But it is especially hard when it is a social justice mission masquerading as a podcast and blog. That is why we need more people awake to our generation's civil rights struggle to lobby and encourage their social media communities to subscribe to our podcast and blog. We are fighting for you and your descendants therefore we ask you to help the cause by enlisting family and friends to subscribe. The fact is we have very few subscribers therefore we can not adequately rise in the search engines or other discovery platforms. As such we greatly need more subscribers. Please help us!

            We are going to sweeten the pot by offering all new subscribers their choice of one free digital copy of either one of my two amazing books: DEFUND DOC: TURNING ALL PRISONS INTO TREATMENT AND CAREER CENTERS  or, THE ART OF LIVING: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS, I LEARNED IN PRISON. Yours free simply for subscribing to our podcast or blog! So please tell your friends and family!

             If you want to help the social justice cause beyond just subscribing, you can also get our awesome supporters bundle of digital books. You can get all three of my books, HOPELESS IN SEATTLE: A FOSTERKID'S MANIFESTO, and the two books identified above, DEFUND DOC, and THE ART OF LIVING. All three digital books for the price of one book, at fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents, it is half the list price on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other book retailers.

             We have recently created a custom designed collection of items that compliments our social justice mission. You can seamlessly shop and purchase items you most likely would of bought anyways. The excellent products vary from sweatshirts, tee-shirts, cups, and much more, all furthering our social justice cause. It is important to note that all profits will go towards gaining awareness, educating the American people, and obtaining genuine change in the U.S. criminal justice system.

              Most people intuitively understand that when injustices and inequities are allowed to stand unaddressed they will ultimately affect them personally. That is consistent with the age old maxim, "injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere." Sure, the injustice or inequitable mass incarceration system might not affect you today. But unaddressed it might affect you or your descendants tomorrow. Therefore your subscription, participation, and support of could also be viewed as an insurance policy. An insurance policy against future enslavement, brutality, and torture sanctioned by your own government. Your personal interests are in line with our organization. Furthermore our social justice cause is on the right side of history. We are striving to better our society and end a cruel institution. Just like those that fought on the front line in the Civil War or to end segregation. As their names are written in glory and history, likewise yours will be too. You will be immortalized as a Change maker. Someone willing to step out of political polarization or mass deliberate indifference to achieve a noble and just result. Ending prisoner slavery, turning all prisons into treatment and career centers, and enacting meaningful sentencing reform is our generation's wickedness to deal with. It is about time we did so. We can not delude ourselves anymore. We have to reckon with our corrupt violent criminal justice system that was founded on hate and racism. Otherwise it will continue to expand and consume you and yours someday. Unless we demand reform today!

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