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About Defund DOC

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding our mission at Most importantly, we are a social justice mission fighting for the American people and their descendants. We do this through up-to-date content, activism, and educating the people. We do not advocate releasing prisoners en masse or abolishing facilities. We only want to Defund DOC and divert funds towards genuine rehabilitation. We are radically reimagining U.S. penology by (1) Turning all prisons into treatment and career centers. (2) Ending inhumane prisoner slavery. And (3) enacting reasonable sentencing reform. Those are our three fundamental pillars.  As we strive for those overarching goals, we will be producing weekly podcasts and blogs. Both will be full of authentic and exciting prison stories. Intriguing inside glimpses at prison politics. And Informative prison reform solutions.  


All Subscribers will become a part of a Change Maker community and family. 

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