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In the exciting era of the smartphone, the ubiquitous video camera, social media, and many other innovative technologies, radical transparency has been achieved. Now the American People can get unfiltered and unparalleled access to the true natures of government officials. From the lowly Police Officer to the high elite Politicians in the Nation's Capital. This level of clarity has laid bare the fallacy of governmental infallibility. We the People know that the Police Departments are militaristic, violent, and have cultures of blue-line "us versus you," mentalities. We the People know that all White racist politicians, Federal and State, in the nineteen seventies, eighties, and nineties, created a vast web of millions of increasingly intricate and complex laws, codes, regulations, and rules meant to oppress and suppress we the People. Even to this day those draconian laws are used primarily against minorities, the poor classes, and the mentally ill, as a way to disenfranchise them. We the People know that mass incarceration, due to the corrupt Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which was ratified as a concession to the racist Civil War South, has resulted in the U.S. being the largest slaveholder and labor wage thieves in human history. We the People know that all people, including elite Politicians, make bad decisions, and bad decisions should not end our people's lives. Instead all prisons should be defunded and turned into mass treatment and career centers. An immediate abolition of prisoner slavery. Meaningful sentencing reform reducing all non homicide offenses down to eight to ten years maximum, just enough time to get treated, educated, gain a career, and save enough to successfully reentry into society. We the People believe that the government, Federal and State, should absolutely not be in the business of enslaving us and stealing our labor. We the People believe the government, Federal and State, should only be in the business of saving and restoring our people.

We the People, just this week, have witnessed, Sen. Mullin, physically challenge a Teamster's Union representative sitting before him at a hearing. We the people seen, Former Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, violently elbowing a critical fellow Representative. We the people seen Rep. George Santos lie, connive, and deceive the electorate to gain his legislative seat. We the people seen California and LA lawmakers mishandle homelessness resulting in sixteen unhoused Americans almost dying during the recent freeway blaze. We the People seen the disparity of 10,000 childhood cancer patients, 2.38 Black, 2.36 Hispanic, and 1.99 White, which die disparately due racial inequities. We the people see the hypocrisy of both political parties, Republicans advocating for pro-life abortion bans while zealously supporting the death penalty, and Democrats ardently weaponizing exposure of bigotry, racism, and hate that fits their political interests, yet being willfully blind and deliberately indifferent to the most racist, bigoted, and hate filled mass enslavement system ever seen in human history. We the People seen Politicians rail against greenhouse gas emissions contributing to Climate Change yet remaining willfully blind to diesel prison buses transferring millions of prisoners millions of miles, vast quantities of food waste emitting exceptionally high levels of gases, and a myriad of other toxic climate change emissions inherent in mass incarceration.

Americans can finally get the radical transparency and clarity that previous generations only dreamed of. Now we know with 100% certainty that elite Politicians, Police Officers, Correctional Officers, and every other governmental official is merely human and susceptible to the same bad decisions, prejudices, and stigmas as we the people are. Now we have to use those truths to demand change and reform. To do that we need to organize. Therefore you must subscribe to our free podcast and blog, subscribing today will entitle you to your choice of one of two amazing guides, "PRISON POLITICS IN A NUTSHELL: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND PRISON LIFE," or, "PRISON LOVER'S GUIDE TO A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP."

Those interested in getting more involved can become Certified Prison Reform Activist for free. You will receive a free digital copy of the book, DEFUND DOC: TURNING ALL PRISONS INTO TREATMENT AND CAREER CENTERS," a free certification as a Prison Reform Activist, and much more.

We have a supporters bundle of three digital books, "HOPELESS IN SEATTLE: A FOSTERKID'S MANIFESTO," "THE ART OF LIVING: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS, I LEARNED IN PRISON," and "DEFUND DOC: TURNING ALL PRISONS INTO TREATMENT AND CAREER CENTERS," all three digital books for the price of one, fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents ($14.99).

It is extremely important that we the people seize this moment to demand change and reform. There are solutions. We have them. All that remains is including we the people at the table. Our organization,, is ensuring you will be there. Join our Change Maker family today! This is our generation's Underground Railroad. You will be on the right side of history. And your name will be written in glory. You will become immortalized for your part in rectifying the most terrible social injustice of our time: mass enslavement, mass labor wage theft, and vastly more injustices and inequities associated with the current criminal justice system.

By: Daniel J. Simms

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