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U.S. Celebrates Veterans Day, While Increasingly Railroading Them

November 9, 2023

The American people love their patriotic veterans. This writer is no exception. The gritty turmoil and viciously bloody conflicts they face on the battlefield for us, our Nation, and our way of life is immensely honorable and selfless. It has proved to be severely traumatic and has virtually all our Veterans returning with mental health damage of some form. Regardless, we should all be proud of them. Yet, some express their gratitude sickeningly. The Federal and State criminal justice systems have used our precious Veterans as fresh fodder for their corrupt mass incarceration systems. One of the largest and fastest growing segments of incarcerated Americans is Veterans, with a vast two percent of the entire mass incarceration system consisting solely of Veterans. That amounts to approximately forty thousand Veterans annually being piped into prisons. It is outrageous, especially when examining the adverse incentive the government has to incarcerate them and keep them recidivists. For instance, due to the evil Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which was a concession to the racist Civil War South that effectively created a new slave class, this new slave class consisting of felons has exploded. Now, the U.S. governments, Federal and State, are the most prominent slaveholders in human history. They are systemically stealing our American people's labor and energies using force, coercion, and duress. Then, the government intentionally treats and educates prisoners inadequately to keep them ignorant, while oppressing and manipulating them to ensure they maintain a slave/criminal mentality. It is a page from the old Slaveholder's book. This is nothing new under the sun. Yet now, it is being done massively to our patriotic warriors. This must stop. Today. To accomplish this social justice mission, I am giving away free copies of my digital book, Defund DOC: Turning All Prisons Into Treatment and Career Centers, a free certification as a Prison Reform Activist, and much more simply to organize a community of like-minded Americans intent on disrupting this cruel and corrupt mass incarceration system. You do not have to bring experience in the criminal justice system to become an activist. All you need is love for your Country and our people.

Additionally, if you instead support in other ways, we currently have a special offer of three of my digital books, Hopeless in Seattle: A Fosterkid's Manifesto, The Art of Living: Everything You Need to Achieve Success In Life and Business, I learned in Prison, and Defund DOC: Turning All Prisons Into Treatment And Career Centers, all three for the price of one, at fourteen dollars and ninety-nine cents. All proceeds go towards this social justice mission. Regardless of how you support us, whether becoming a Certified Prison Reform Activist, getting our three digital books special, or even simply subscribing to our free podcast, blog, and newsletter, your support will be rewarded graciously as your name will be written in glory and history. This is the new Underground Railroad of our generation. We must unite and fight against prisoner slavery in addition to willfully keeping our American people mentally damaged and unmarketable. Our Veterans fought for our country. Now it is your time to fight for them! Every time a hard-on-crime politician or mass media pundit uses the bully pulpit to rail against crime, criminals, and prisoners, they are speaking on slavery, slaves, and increasing their governmental coffers by stealing our troubled American labor. The high crime rates across this country and in your communities, possibly even the homelessness crisis, are directly due to this hate-filled mass incarceration system. They are releasing our American people into severe poverty, untreated, uneducated, and brainwashed into the slave/criminal mentalities that ensure recidivism. It is wickedly wrong. And it is especially poignant when the systemic injustices are happening to our most vulnerably traumatized Veterans. The trauma to prison pipeline is alive, well, and brought straight to us from hell. Join our Change Makers family today and be part of the solution! Click here now.

Daniel J. Simms

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