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That 70’s show star gets Railroaded with a 30 year sentence.

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

That 70’s show star gets Railroaded with a 30 year sentence, which is nothing new to millions of poor, mentally Ill, and minorities.

In a recent case that has captured nationwide attention, beloved celebrity Danny Masterson from "That 70s Show" has become a victim of an unfair and overzealous judicial system. DefundDOC, a passionate organization dedicated to prison reform, has been one of the few voices speaking out against this injustice. Let's delve into the details and explore the need for a more equitable and compassionate approach to mass incarceration.

A Miscarriage of Justice:

Danny Masterson's case highlights a clear miscarriage of justice, with overzealous prosecutors exerting immense pressure on the judge. In a shocking turn of events, an evidentiary decision from the first mistrial was reversed, ultimately leading to Danny's conviction in the second trial. This blatant corruption within our court system is a travesty. Unfortunately, countless Americans face similar challenges, underscoring the urgent need for reform.

The Tragedy of Over-Sentencing:

To compound the injustice, Danny Masterson has been outrageously over-sentenced, effectively condemning him and his family to a de-facto death sentence of 30 years in prison. While the alleged crimes are undeniably abhorrent, it is crucial to remember that Danny did not commit murder or take anyone's life. Therefore, it is morally indefensible and unjust for the state to impose such a lengthy sentence. A more reasonable approach would have been a sentence of no more than 10 years.

Advocating for Change:

DefundDOC strongly advocates for a comprehensive overhaul of the current justice system. Our organization firmly believes that non-homicide cases should be capped at 10 years or less, ensuring a fair and proportionate punishment. Additionally, we advocate for transforming prisons into centers for treatment and career development, aiming to rehabilitate individuals rather than perpetuating cycles of incarceration. Furthermore, we firmly oppose prison slavery, recognizing the need to address the flaws in the 13th Amendment.

Support Our Cause:

DefundDOC relies on the support of compassionate individuals like you to further our mission. We invite you to support our prison reform efforts by purchasing our limited-time special offer of 3 books for $14.99. Every dollar raised contributes to advocating for a fairer and more compassionate system.

Join the Movement:

We invite you to join our movement and be a part of the change. By receiving the book "Defund D.O.C: Turning All Prisons Into Treatment and Career Centers," you gain valuable insights into our cause. Additionally, we offer a certification as a prison reform activist, access to our 24/7 DefundDOC online support forum, and the opportunity for group networking – all free of charge. Join the new Underground Railroad today and make a lasting impact. Your name will be remembered for your contribution to a just and equitable society.

Danny Masterson's case serves as a stark reminder of the flaws within our current justice system. It is imperative that we come together to demand change, advocating for fairer sentencing, rehabilitative approaches, and an end to prison slavery. DefundDOC is committed to fighting for justice, rehabilitation, and the preservation of human dignity. Stand with us and be a force for positive transformation. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a more just and compassionate society.

By Daniel J. Simms

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