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By: Daniel J. Simms, Imprisoned Author/Podcast Host/Reformist

The insidious way people are being systemically incarcerated does not only extend to Americans. Non citizen immigrants are criminalized as well. They are not our citizenry but they are part of our human family. The immigrant to prison pipeline targets a community that is largely hidden in the shadows to begin with. "Non citizens are three times more likely to be incarcerated compared to similarly situated citizens." By Michael T. Light. The New Face of Legal Inequality: Noncitizens and the Long Term Trends in Sentencing Disparities Across U.S. District Courts. (1992-2002) 48 L. and Soc. Rev. 447 (2014). See also: By Jeff Yates, et al. A War on Drugs or a War on Immigrants? Expanding the Definition of Drug Trafficking in Determining Aggravating Felon Status for Noncitizens. 64 Md. L. Rev. 875, 880-81 (2005). Identifying how so many people are being incarcerated is important. Whether their our citizens or not.

The poverty to prison pipeline is troubling. It illustrates how income inequities can lead to high crime and incarceration rates. Some of those incarcerated merely sought to stay clothed, fed, and housed. "Their career 'choices' and their major life changes largely result from, and are coextensive with, their backgrounds and the disturbed family systems in which they were raised and/or reside. Persons who grew up in severely distressed households learned strategies that leave them ill equipped for conventional society." Crack Distribution and Abuse in New York. By Bruce D. Johnson, et al. 11 Crime Prevention Stud. 19, 26 (2000). "The factors that lead young people to crime--the root causes--have long been known: disorganized childhoods, inadequate educations, child abuse, limited employability, delinquent peers. These are factors that also have long been more prevalent among the poor than the middle classes." Crime, Inequality and Social Justice. Glenn C. Loury. (2010). The government knows the root causes yet refuses to treat them. Instead they are piped into enslavement. "The Thirteenth Amendment, if read literally, suggests that the State can treat their prisoners as slaves." Morales v. Schmidt, 489, F.2d 1334. Prisoners are slaves let us not fool ourselves. Some even argue today's prisoner slaves are worse off than slaves of history. Worse Than Slavery: Parchment Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice. By David M. Oshinsky. (1996). Please understand the evidence is overwhelming we have a evil system. We must seek radical reform.

The last one, number ten, is the prison to homelessness pipeline. Even if you overcome your prison sentence there are more obstacles to face. Simple things to some people become monumental mountains to those reentering society. The Prison to Homelessness Pipeline: Criminal Records Checks, Race, And Disparate Impact. Valerie Schnieder. The vast myriad of hidden and unknown obstacles truly impairs, hinders, and even deters returning citizens. Bias, prejudice, and discrimination inevitably leaks into measures such as employment background checks, renters background checks, and even educational opportunities, to quietly deny applicants.

Nowhere To Go: Homelessness Among Formerly Incarcerated People. Lucius Couloute. Http:// (Aug. 2018). If the government is going to kidnap our people, confine them for years in warehouses, the entire time stealing their labor, they should have a duty to ensure they have housing and employment upon release. But that would be too humane and fair.

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