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By: Daniel J. Simms, Imprisoned Author/Podcast Host/Reformist

American people need to know how our people are being systemically piped into mass enslavement. That is what we will do today. The following pipelines are prolific and effective so beware: (1) school to prison pipeline; (2) racism to prison pipeline; (3) guns to prison pipeline; (4) community to prison pipeline; (5) trauma to prison pipeline; (6) foster child to prison pipeline; (7) child of the incarcerated to prison pipeline; (8) immigrant to prison pipeline; (9) poverty to prison pipeline; and (10) prison to homelessness pipeline.

As the United States, the citizens thereof, and you, progress into the twenty first century everyone must reckon with an indisputable fact that has plagued the country since inception: slavery. Contrary to popular belief, the original sin of slavery has never disappeared from our shores. It has merely changed to a different slave class. The slave class today is prisoners. "By its express language, the Thirteenth Amendment's prohibition against slavery does not apply to the imprisonment of a person lawfully convicted of a crime. Bowen v. Quarterman, 339, Fed. Appx. at 481. Also by David M. Oshinsky. Worse Than Slavery: Parchment Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice (1996).

With such a huge profit motive incentivizing the government, Federal and State, to increase policing and imprisonment efforts it is incumbent upon, we the people, to blare the alarm of danger to the rest of the citizenry. And the danger is real and quantifiable. The tyranny of hate, oppression, and slavery has been institutionalized within the mass incarceration system. When Paul Revere amplified the alarm of the coming tyrannical British army, he rescued the fledgeling Continental Army from being found unprepared and unorganized. Likewise that is our social justice mission. To educate, prepare, and organize patriotic Americans against the tyranny of institutional slavery and the insidious attendant consequences thereof.

The school to prison pipeline has been extensively documented. It consists of arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating children for school infractions. Such as rebellious or disruptive behaviors, fighting, threatening, theft, bullying, delinquency, and many more behaviors. These infractions used to be solely dealt with by schools and parents. But now schools are increasingly criminalizing the conduct by filing charges with law enforcement. "This pushes students out of the classroom and into the criminal justice system." Introduction: Challenging the School to Prison Pipeline. By Deborah N. Archer. 54 N.Y.L. SCH. L. REV. 867, 868, (2009). The school to prison pipeline is referred to by one writer as a "controversial concept and disappointing reality." The Right to Public Education and the School to Prison Pipeline. By Areto A. Imoukhuede. 12 Alb. Gov't L. Rev. 52, 52-53 (2019). All our children are being preyed upon to become tomorrow's slaves.

The racism to prison pipeline is widely studied and empirically proved to exist. "Systemic racism exists and we continue to work towards its eradication." State v. Vaile, 2023 Wash. App. LEXIS 921. Students of color and those with disabilities tend to be disciplined more harshly and are more frequently referred to law enforcement for minimal misbehavior. Throwing Children Away: The School to Prison Pipeline. The American Conservative.(August 13,2018).

Since 1987 the National Prison population has nearly tripled, with great taxpayer burden. More Than 1 in 100 Adults Are Now in Prison in U.S.: Inmate Population is Highest in the World. By Adam Liptak. (Feb. 29, 2008) (at A14) We are the world leader in "mass incarceration." With a prison population of nearly 2.3 million, we incarcerate our populace at more than twice the rate of Russia, four times that of China, and more than fourteen times that of Japan. Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People's Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time 11. By James Kilgore. (The New Press 2015). Without a doubt minorities must be warned. If they have not been already. That they are being systemically preyed upon from childhood into adulthood.

Exercising your second amendment is a statistical danger for certain Americans. For instance impoverished Americans that fall victim to gun culture are targeted by law enforcement when they fail to get gun licenses, are underage, or prohibited to possess guns. Likewise African Americans are targeted by their susceptibility for American gun culture. Federal [ and State] Felon in Possession Gun Laws: Criminalizing a Status, Disparately Effecting Black Defendants, and Continuing the Nation's Centuries Old Methods to Disarm Black Communities. Emma Lettrell Shreefter. 21 CUNY L. Rev. 143, 175 (2018) Criminal Justice Reform and Guns: The Irresistible Movement Meets the Immovable Object. By David E. Patton. 69 Emory L. J. 1011, 1015 (2020). Guns and Drugs. By Benjamin Levin. 84 Fordham L. Rev. 2173, 2194 (2019). Our Country glamorizes gun usage in movies, TV, music, books, video games, magazines, and virtually every other media medium available. Then law enforcement criminalizes you if you fall for it. Not only are they criminalizing it they are essentially killing our people with slow death sentences for it. The government uses draconian laws such as "weapon enhancements," "unlawful possession of a firearm," or "felon in possession" laws to stack years upon years on our fellow Americans. This effectively ends our people's lives even though they have not killed anyone to deserve State slow murder.

Continued in part 2

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