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A Majority of Americans Have Crime Propaganda Fatigue

A majority of Americans are feeling worn out by the constant barrage of hard on crime propaganda. It seems that Americans are experiencing fatigue from news pundits, politicians, and media outlets propagating harsh and unforgiving views on crime. They are aware that crime has existed since the beginning of time, but they have also come to realize that many of those who passionately promote tough crime policies are often hypocrites and liars themselves, engaging in abusive behaviors towards drugs, alcohol, women, children, and animals.

Instead of hearing about crime, Americans desire to focus on reducing recidivism. The current system of mass incarceration reveals alarming statistics, stating that 82 percent of individuals return within the first 10 years, and 62 percent return within the first 3 years. Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the profit-driven motives behind pro-criminal justice initiatives, recognizing them as lies.

What Americans truly want is a solution, and that solution lies in transforming prisons into centers that provide treatment and career opportunities. The Defund D.O.C. book, inspired by the Norwegian criminal justice system, outlines this approach. If you are interested in joining the cause of prison reform, we invite you to reach out to us. We offer a free book, a free certificate, and free support on your journey as a prison reform activist. Let's work together to make a difference!

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